Jedi Stress Relief

Be it in the form of endless paperwork, time sensitive projects or planning big events, we all have our share of stress. The difficulty is managing the stress. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but if we look around us we realize people deal with much more stress than our own on a daily basis. How do paramedics, soldiers, firefighters or airline pilots keep calm and succeed? What is their method of stress relief? It seems wise to point out the importance regulating thoughts and emotions.

Though they are fictional, maybe we can glean some insight from Star War’s Jedi. What more stressful situation could there be than bringing balance to the universe? We admire that the Jedi combat evil and carry the world on their shoulders. Maybe the Jedi are so influential on society and cultures, because they represent a state of existence we hope to emulate. The Jedi seem to be the ultimate masters of controlling their thoughts and emotions. Of course, Jedi control comes from years of intense training in meditation. As Younglings they even meditate five times a day.

The reality is you don’t have to have trained as a child to master controlling your thoughts and emotions as an adult. Whatever your life looks like right now, you are in a position to make a change. There are so many great ways to relieve stress, but the first step is to gain control. Only after you slow down and pace your thinking will you have the focus and ability to execute other stress management methods. Meditation is the way to go. Don’t panic if you think you don’t have time, because you do. Meditation doesn’t have to refer to long hours in a secluded location. In fact, you can meditate in as little as five minute intervals throughout your day.

Photo Credit: Emilyann Girdner at Center for Work Life

Steps for Quick Meditation:

  1. Stop telling yourself you don’t have enough time. If you tell yourself you do have enough time, then you will make it happen.
  2. Designate a peaceful place in your office or home. Make yourself comfortable.
  3. Close your eyes and close out distractions. You need silence or calm music.
  4. Use a moment to straighten your posture and stretch your neck.
  5. Breathe in your nose, hold your breath and breathe out your nose. Deep breaths combat oxygen deprivation brought on by stress. Allow extended exhales and shorter inhales.
  6. Be sure to slowly feel the cool air as it travels from your mouth to your brain, stomach and nerves.
  7. With each exhaled breath, release your cares and worries leaving only positive thoughts. Research reports that on average 80% of our daily thoughts are negative, so it is vital to flush out negativity.

If you can follow the steps above, you can be a meditation Jedi master.