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Center for Work Life not only publishes on various topics as whitepapers, but also, journal and media publications, books and training guides for adults and children.   

Below are some of the media publications:

Title: Jodi’s abuse claim is an ‘impossibility’ 
Author: Dr Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
Publisher: HLN
Date: 4/11/13

Title: Does Arias run the Courtroom like a CEO? 
Author: Dr Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
Publisher: HLN
Date: 5/7/13


White Papers

Mentoring: Effective Methods and Styles

There is no one, specific method of mentoring and relationships can be developed in various ways. Some methods, styles and systematic processes have been highlighted as generic guidelines, common in most programs, for how mentoring relationships should be formed and developed in facilitated schemes. Mentoring: effective methods and styles 

Motivation in Workplace: Techniques for Leaders

Motivation is a concept that is approached differently by different businesses and the responsibility of its integration lies with all immediate supervisors of staff. However, it is the business owner who must initiate motivation as a strategy to attain corporate goals. Motivation in the Workplace: Practical Techniques for Leaders 

Effects of Resistance on Organizational Learning

Re-conceptualizing resistance as a resource rather than as a deficit sheds light on its functional potentials. Resistance and learning

Situational Leadership: the Lifecycle Challenges

If as leaders we want to attain the best talent and have them consistently perform at their best, we must know our job well. What are the situations and scenarios that shape the interactions? This article explores this and more challenges. SItuational leadership

The Relationship between Sports and Self Image

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between sports and self image. Do individuals who participate in sports have the inclination to participate because they want to expand their self image, or do they have a stronger self-image than the average individual and this propels them to do more and more? sports and self image

Stress and anxiety: The process of regulating internal environments in response to external environments

Biological and cognitive perspectives are considered in order to investigate how different psychological perspectives and theories can enhance the healthcare professional’s understanding of stress and anxiety. in order to ensure optimum bodily functioning, various theories are investigated and analyzed. Stress and anxiety


Awards and Mentions

OBJ’s 2013 40 Under 40 nominees
Nominee: Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
Source: Orlando Business Journal
Date: 4/16/13

Women Who Mean Business 2013 Awards
Honoree: Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
Source: Orlando Business Journal
Date: 4/26/13

Women Who Mean Business; 2013 Business Owners
Award Recipient: Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
Source: Orlando Business Journal
Date: 4/26/13

Orlando Business Journal reveals the 2013 Women Who Mean Business honorees
Honoree: Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
Source: Orlando Business Journal
Date: 3/27/13

Women Who Mean Business: Orlando Business Journal recognizes the 2013 honorees
Honoree: Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
Source: Orlando Business Journal
Date: 3/22/13

How embracing March Madness can help your biz
Mention: Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
Source: Orlando Business Journal
Date: 3/15/13



Hot Workplace Topics

The Case for Employee Engagement and EI 
By: Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
Source: Center for Work Life
Date: 3/28/14




Center for Work Life of Orlando, Florida is an award-winning executive development firm providing leadership and management training to executives and organizations. Our main services include executive coaching, leadership development, executive succession planning, emotional intelligence training, career planning, staff development, and communication in the workplace.

Needs and topics addressed within these categories include: management styles, situational leadership, developing leadership qualities, executive recruitment training, work life balance, emotional intelligence training,  work performance, stress management in the workplace, stress management activities, time management activities, team development, problem solving activities, management consulting training programs, professional communication, assertive communication coaching, interpersonal skills for top performers, effective communication styles,  communication techniques, public speaking skills, presentation skills, and conflict management strategies.

Effective Public Speakers can be difficult to find, but Center for Work Life has that covered too. As a leadership, communications, and change management speaker, Dr. Farnaz Namin- Hedayati of Center for Work Life raises the bar in interactive presentations. We can also help companies conduct organization research and run focus groups.