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Her Style:

Farnaz believes that your vision whether for yourself or your organization determines your reality.  As a psychologist, through both her change management expertise as well as her career planning background, she strongly subscribes to the process of inquiry, and the alignment between the authentic self and the vision for growth. Organizations and people often times fall victim to trying to be what they are not.

Dr. Namin leads the path to realizing your competitive advantage and helps you walk that path from your vision to reality.

What Sets Her Apart

Having lived in various countries around the world, with a career path as a psychologist and an organization development consultant, Farnaz’s business acumen and communication style has been shaped through the influence of various cultures spanning from her work in the Far and the Middle East, to Europe and the Americas.  Farnaz doesn’t believe someone’s academic education necessarily indicates how well they work with people.  She believes that first hand experience working with diverse cultural backgrounds, especially within their national origin is what provides the highest level of education in people.  She believes public speaking to be a form of Art rather than just a form of communication as many believe.  The reason for this is that she believes not every speaker is able to win the hearts of the audience in tone and content, but its only that speaker is able to truly “speak” to the audience.

Although her presentations are rich in  breadth of knowledge of global engagement efforts and multi-cultural business models, delivered with strong relevance and provocation of critical thinking, from the moment she walks into a room, she is able to intrigue an incredidble, heart felt, thought provoking and uplifting human connection.

Her Qualifications

As an Industrial/organizational psychologist, charged with the role of key Psychologist with the State of Florida, Farnaz has a defining role in the development of key strategies and plans within the overal workforce of the State of Florida.  She has served as an executive coach and organization change agent within various government and private organizations around the globe.   Because of her expertise in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, she is very current on global and economical shifts in leadership and workforce related issues and works tirelessly to solve workforce dilemmas that effect public policy and women’s rights within the landscape of employment law.

Dr. Farnaz Hedayati, Ph.D. has been a keynote speaker for various organizations and is particularly sought after for her very powerful and direct content and style of delivery on transformational and highly controversial topics.

Fee Structure


Speaking Fees could range from $250-$5500, depending on the needs of the organization and the needs of the presentation.


“We had the distinct pleasure of working with Farnaz Namin-Hedayati, Ph.D., at the Center for Work Life, for the past couple of years when she was the keynote speaker for two of our Central Florida Employment Council workshops. She created a buzz with our team immediately”.


“I was very impressed with Farnaz both as a presenter, motivator and a professional. We are thrilled to say that her skills as a trainer kept our diverse group fully engaged. Her presentations are extremely powerful and practical!”

“Whether you want to improve and expand your team’s skills or just stretch their comfort zone, the Conflict Management workshop was amazing. Although many of her ideas were new, everyone found them.

Her grasp of Management Models in the Workplace is Amazing!  The feedback from our leadership team and staff has been positive all around and we very much look forward to working with her in the near future.”

We thank Dr. Namin and the team at Center for Work Life for organizing such an amazing workshop and presentation for our group. She shared so much great information in such small window, but did it in such an enjoyable way. She is a terrific presenter! Our team’s feedback has been full of great remarks and we really appreciate everything you all did to make our event a success! We look forward to working with you in the near future. Thanks again.”

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Center for Work Life of Orlando, Florida is an award-winning executive development firm providing leadership and management training to executives and organizations. Our main services include executive coaching, leadership development, executive succession planning, emotional intelligence training, career planning, staff development, and communication in the workplace.

Needs and topics addressed within these categories include: management styles, situational leadership, developing leadership qualities, executive recruitment training, work life balance, emotional intelligence training,  work performance, stress management in the workplace, stress management activities, time management activities, team development, problem solving activities, management consulting training programs, professional communication, assertive communication coaching, interpersonal skills for top performers, effective communication styles,  communication techniques, public speaking skills, presentation skills, and conflict management strategies.

Effective Public Speakers can be difficult to find, but Center for Work Life has that covered too. As a leadership, communications, and change management speaker, Dr. Farnaz Namin- Hedayati of Center for Work Life raises the bar in interactive presentations. We can also help companies conduct organization research and run focus groups.