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Maybe one of the most iconic characters in our media pop culture is Mary Poppins who is known for her positive thinking.  Her classic A Spoonful of Sugar song so accurately explains that “with every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” Of course we all love her spoonful of sugar trick to help the medicine go down. In a metaphoric sense that spoonful of sugar spans to more than just taking medicine. Whether it is a bad day at work or a family emergency, there are many variations of a “spoonful of sugar” we can utilize to make the best of hard situations.

Mary Poppins


Positive Thinking Tips:

1. Smile!
It seems silly to sit around and force a smile across your face when you don’t feel very happy, but smiling actually does improve your mood.

2. Exercise
Try yoga, dance, swimming, going to the gym or your favorite sport from childhood. Exercise releases endorphins and makes it easier to think happy thoughts.

3. Meditate
When difficult or painful situations present themselves, it is only human to be sad, angry and annoyed. However, these emotions can easily be magnified by our own thoughts. That’s why clearing our minds through meditation can make room for positive thoughts to return.

4. Encourage
As an individual who cares about your level of emotional intelligence you strive to recognize both your feelings and the emotions of others. The more emotionally intelligent you become, you will be aware of how far a little encouragement can go in boosting morale for yourself and others. Learn to see small and big challenges as opportunities for praise.

5. Help
Many articles such as The Benefits of Volunteering by Kent State explain that individuals who volunteer in their community and help others are proven to be happier people. As you help other people, you begin to see the brighter side of many challenging situations.

6. Reflect
This isn’t always easy to do because it hurts before it feels better. However, if you can remember other hard times in your life, then think about when you found happiness again, it is a reminder that things will get better.

7. Self-Motivate
Watch and listen to your internal dialogue.  The most important conversations that effect your life, are the ones you have with yourself.  Approach every situation, coming from a positive place.

8. Absorb
Don’t just listen to positive people and uplifting music, but absorb what you hear. Listening to positive words is the first step, even if you have trouble accepting their message. The key is to make an effort to let the good thoughts soak in, even if it is just a little at the time.

These are all great ways to overcome negative thoughts. The best thing about practicing these tips is that your positive attitude will help other people find happiness too. So what will be your spoonful of sugar to help you through today? Mix and match depending on your situation, but whatever you do, keeping at it.


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