We have regular Lunch with The CEO workshop series involving an exchange forum for leaders, entrepreneurs and exetutive, scheduled usually on the 27th of every month, by invitation only.   Click CEOLunch to get more details for this monthly event and contact us directly for further details.





Seminars and Workshops

In addition to the above, we are constantly speaking on the following areas in numerous venues, organizations, and programs.

Click here to request a video of our previous workshop events for your consideration. A detailed overview of any of the topics will be available upon request.


 Brief outlines of expertise topics available to you:

1. Change Management

  • What is Strategic Human Resources Management
  • What does an organization ready for change look like
  • How to develop a change program that will be effective
  • How a good change program leads to employee satisfaction and longevity
  • How to recreate your organizations strategic plan and competitive advantage
  • How to launch an effective training program


2. Leadership Development and Training

  • Creating a culture of character in a company
  • Changing the department and creating the kind of company you are proud to lead
  • Essential qualities necessary in order to become a successful leader today
  • The impact of failure to communicate and effective leader communication
  • Tools for Team Engagement


3. Leadership Health

  • Conflict resolution training
  • Work-life balance training
  • How to wand off negative energy in a draining environment
  • Stress-management for better performance outcomes
  • Interpersonal effectiveness with different personalities
  • Tips for Engagement


4. Talent Management

  • Increase profits by implementing an effective Selection and Talent Acquisition Program
  • Psychometrically sound methods for how to hire job specific employees that fit within your strategy and organization culture
  • How to utilize Behavioral Interviewing techniques to work for your organization
  • How can ineffective teams affect your organization’s performance
  • How to effectively create and use succession plans for your organization


5. Cost Savings through Strategic Human Resources Management

  • How performance is tied to turnover rates
  • How to develop an effective retention program
  • How to design and implement effective reward and pay programs for engagement
  • How can implementing a facilitation and conflict resolution program assist your team and organization


6. Life and Career Planning

  • Are you on the path of your life and career goals
  • How can you improve your everyday life satisfaction
  • How to avoid burnout and create the best work-life balance
  • How to make the most informed and responsible decisions in your life
  • How to make the best of each stage of your life in a value proposition

7. Legal Counsel

  • How can you reduce termination costs and difficulties during termination
  • How can a Human Resources professional keep your organization safe from unnecessary lawsuits
  • How can a Human Resources professional save the integrity of your organization by keeping your human capital on track legally
  • Who is going to represent your organization as an HR Expert in case of a lawsuit